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So it’s March, I’ve just had a big birthday, feel free to guess! We have been told that there is a national lockdown, I am working for a training provider where more than 50% of the learners are in the leisure industry. A bit of a double whammy!

I am furloughed! So do I relax, and start walking around the lovely town of Ludlow while getting 80% of my salary, which I can live on, or do I pump some money into a new business that concentrates on investigating the experience of learners, employers and staff of training providers and driving the changes through that ensure the learners get an apprenticeship experience that completely meets their needs. No contest really!

So I got out my walking boots!!!

No, I started on my journey that sees me with a business that is a joy to be part of.

I get to talk to learners, employers and staff members discussing how their needs are met with regards to the EIF, OFSTED inspection regime. I get to work with training providers to ensure that improvements are made that have a positive impact on their experiences.

What is not to love?

Contact me if you want me to support you improve your learners, employers and staff experience to meet the demands of the OFSTED EIF inspections



An Awesome Trainer

For trainers, assessors, IQAs and managers of training providers

This group receives video training on all aspects of the learner journey including safeguarding. There will be live Facebook training, including question and answers, agony aunt sessions and guest speakers. Andrea will also be on hand to answer specific questions.

We will cover best practice and outstanding OFSTED judgements.

Membership will enable you to access the awesome trainer page which will contain all of the resources.

This will enable you to be confident that your training practices will meet the standards of an outstanding inspection.

This will help you gain knowledge and will add clarity and enhance your CV.

Inspection ready

For managers of training providers who want some support to be OFSTED inspection ready.

The training programme consists of a series of videos where I explain how to get ready for an inspection and the processes and procedures that need to be in place.

This will ensure that the training provider is confident and ready to plan for the inspection, know what they show the inspector/s so that they are positive that the inspectors have all the information they need to award you the best result.


There is a free support group for trainers on Facebook called Awesome Trainer.

Each week hints and tips are posted that covers the learner journey and leads conversations about best practice.

The topics cover, planning with the learner and employer the best fit apprenticeship and the logical sequencing of the curriculum, progress reviews, learner and employer satisfaction, meeting the OFSTED Intent, Implementation and Impact focus on EIF inspections.

The closed group is for trainers, assessors, IQAs and managers of training providers.

Visit or request to join the Facebook group

Training Programme - Video Library

Videos that show the steps involved in knowing your learners, employers and staff’s perception of how the training programmes are meeting their needs

This programme covers the OFSTED requirements of Intent, Implementation and Impact.

This video library is available for free on our YouTube channel

Free service for Assessors, Trainers, Tutors & IQAs

Weekly posts with advice and discussion points for team or learners covering the learner, employer and staff learning and training journey.

View this advice and discussion on our News page