Employers should really think about taking on an apprentice

I was talking to a training provider who was selling apprenticeships to a small business I am working with.


It was explained that there would be an incentive to help pay for the apprentice wage 


From the small business point of view, that seems to be a good deal, but that incentive amount would not meet, even the minimum apprentice wage, which should be looked at carefully from an employers perspective, as to whether the value of that new apprentice is shown in the salary


So maybe the incentive should not be a reason to take on an apprentice. 


In a small business, there needs to be clear evidence that that person is needed in the business in the long term, not just the timescale of the apprenticeship programme.


Logistical arrangements need to be carefully considered, is there room in the office to comfortably locate the new member of staff, does there need to be an expansion of the workplace?


Is there a clear line of reporting and responsibility for the new apprentice? What skills can the small business deliver to ensure that the small business's needs or skills gaps are met? The Small business needs to really understand the apprenticeships on offer, are they a good fit.


There are a lot of small businesses that are opting for an apprentice without really knowing the implications.


If the implications are not seriously considered we can really let the young person, who wants an apprenticeship, down


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