Do you get fed up waiting for information ?

I confess I get really fed up waiting for information or tasks to be completed


I use the project management tool Asana.


In it I add the tasks assigned to a team member, give it a deadline and wait.


One of the problems of working at home is that you can’t see anyone else

You can't see the team shooting off to another part of the company to get the task completed, you don't get someone seeing you in the office to chat about the project at hand.


This means, just like a dog, who when the owner hides behind a blanket, thinks that they are not there, I don’t think anything is getting done.


Being an advocate of time management, I do not have my emails open all the time, also as my world is currently ruled, in some way, by Linkedin and Facebook. I have times when I will visit. 


So when I send an email why do I presume it will be read instantaneously?


To stop that anxiety I have a programme that shows when an email has been read, this is not to micromanage, more to manage my expectations, after all I'm not going to get a reply if the email has not been opened  


Luckily most of my work includes working by myself, booking meetings with learners, employers, and staff, compiling the reports to show the findings and the improvements that need to be made. 


When working with the training provider to drive the improvements through, I am mindful of my need to be less impatient, but not to the extent where we miss the deadline, which would be embarrassing!


So how do you feel about waiting for information?

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