How are you doing?

What a time we have had in training!


We have had so many changes and alterations to our work patterns, work tasks, methods of delivery and are now starting to get back to whatever normal is.


So how are you doing?


I think the only way we can survive is to be really secure in our ability to teach and impart knowledge.


However, sometimes it is easy to forget where we started and our hopes and vision may have dimmed and worse forgotten but it is essential that we go back to those visions and goals and own them


I remember starting in a new company, based on my successful series of interviews where I had to explain my vision for the company, I investigated the quality of the delivery and put forward a plan to improve the processes and processes to ensure the needs of the learners were met.


Four weeks later we had a new member of the senior management team, who again looked into the quality of the delivery while looking from a business development perspective.


It was really strange that I was now being questioned about the quality of the provision, and found myself talking about  processes and procedures that  had not been changed


I had to remind myself that I knew what quality looked like and my own vision of the changes that had to happen.


It would have been easy to go with the suggestions being made, that would expand the business model, but would not concentrate on the quality of provision. But I couldn't, I wouldn't  move from principles


Sometimes it has not made my working life easy. But I was happy I could sleep at night.


So think back to those heady days, when you weren't cynical when you really believed you could change a learner's life.


Write your visions and goals down and keep moving towards them

Improve your learning journey

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