How should the training provider support the employer?

I believe:

The Learner and the Employer come as a team

The training provider and trainer join that team.


It's called team apprenticeship.


The training provider and the employer need to be aware that they have the same standards, the same desires, the same motivation to teach the learner both knowledge and skills to help the learner grow in their job role in that employment but also to grow in their career.


If the employer does not want to be part of the team supporting the learner, the apprentice has a real chance of not completing a robust apprenticeship.


If the trainer does not build a relationship with the apprentice, a relationship of trust and respect then again the apprenticeship is at risk.


If the trainer and employer does not set a plan of training that covers the learning in the workplace and  covering the skills and the knowledge then the apprentice will be left wanting


Plans should cover when the skills and knowledge are being taught, how confusing would it be if you are being taught how to do a task without being given the knowledge of why it works that way, and the consequences of a task being completed incorrectly.


Learning in an apprenticeship should not be a series of accidental episodes with no real plan of what has been completed and what is still to be achieved


Team apprenticeship should be as strong at the beginning of the apprenticeship as at the end 


Do you agree? Anyone with team apprenticeship?

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