I’m not sure if it is work life balance day, week or month.

But it's a good excuse to discuss the issue 


It's an issue that has been at the forefront of discussion based on our new experience of work from home and flexible working hours.


This has been a direct consequence of the pandemic, with people being plunged into a world of leisure and sometimes payment if reduced.


I have been talking to people who really liked being on a forced holiday, that they could get by on reduced payments, that they liked the walks that filled their time.


Once you have taken a genie out of a bottle it may be hard to get it back in


Now we are back again, we are looking at work, life balance as a right, not as it was before, something we strived for.


There was an article today which stated that people working at a financial institution are not as productive, working from home as working in the office. The company also went on to state that long working hours were expected, people are paid a high salary and should work hard.


So where does that leave us? Working, sometimes at great distances away from home, or attending national meetings as well as performance and team meetings that take place in different locations. As well as office working days.


How do we get somewhere close to a life-work balance?


Do we actually feel less satisfied with our working life than we were?


What do we do about it?

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