So you are ready for the OFSTED inspection!

The reports are all coming in, your processes ensure you are answering all of the questions that can be asked during an EIF inspection.


Your SAR and QIP are up to date 


There are reasons you can show that rationale behind the reduction of completions


The staff CPD logs are up to date and meet your standard demands


Your senior staff meetings go well, with actions being completed in the allotted time


Just bring those OFSTED inspectors on and let's get a great grade!




Should we look at what you don't know?


How have your learners been affected by the pandemic?

How are they coping with a different type of delivery, how has this affected their progress and knowledge?


What happens if a learner doesn't understand a learning concept and can only replay the same page again and again, have they been over the concept now so there is understanding?

How do you know the learners' answers will show that you are delivering a programme that meets the learners’ needs? 


It's worth remembering that any inspection comes with little warning, isn't it important that all of your processes include knowing what your learners are thinking and saying?

Therefore you need a plan that shows you understand your delivery strengths and weaknesses and the actions you have planned by whom and by when


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