What is life work balance?

It was a question that was asked in an interview


What is your greatest weakness?


Your answer should be, I find it difficult to leave a task half-finished, I like to see tasks finished timely no matter what.


The interviewer will take that as working late, starting early, working over the weekend.


However we have all gone through a huge wake-up call, we have had our entire routines snatched from under us.


We have come from our adjusted lives to this new, normal working life.


We have looked again at what we want and expect out of life and we have laid down new rules for ourselves


People are no longer quite so happy to put family after-work life, people are also looking at the benefits that the workplace can offer, such as working from home, flexible hours.


People are now happy to work alongside their family, as opposed to having a distinct barrier between work and home.


Is productivity increased when working from home? Do we need micromanagement?

There is an article doing the rounds that is stating that management wants staff back in the office. Is this because the managers are missing water cooler moments, or hastily convened meetings.


So it may be that things will change and move back towards working in the office again.


However, our feeling of expected rights with regards to our mental health will not go away


So I do wonder where how our juggling act of work-life balance will play out

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