Curriculum content and sequence

Is the sequence of the delivery of the standards important?


Should the sequence be planned around the needs and circumstances of the learner?


At this point, I add a poll which is supposed to up my number of views to the post.


I am not, by the way, so don’t worry!


Each apprentice is an individual and comes with their own set of experiences in the world as a whole and in the industry they are completing the apprenticeship.


We as tutors know that, if a learner isn't ready to absorb the information given that it follows, understanding will be poor and the learner will find difficulty in showing those new skills in the workplace.


There can be several reasons for this, it could be that the learner has not met that new skill, knowledge, and behaviour before and has not got any chance of completing the skill in the workplace with any regularity. 


It could be that the learner is immersed in a new skill that is being concentrated in the workplace but is not the skill that is being taught in the apprenticeship


The tutor, employer, and the learner who need to plan the sequence of the curriculum, that best meet the needs of the employer, enable the learner to gain skills  and complete the standards



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