To have a consultant or not

I was listening to a webinar from AELP presented by Richard Pembleton who is a specialist advisor Ofsted Inspector.


The webinar was really interesting, as always in what is happening in the world of Ofsted.


It covered subjects such as the self-assessment report, which I thoroughly agreed on, as you know something I have been banging on about for some time. It also covered the subject of making judgments on your provision. He explained the need for either internal or external validation activity.


Then he spoke about not using external consultants and not spending your money on external consultants 




I have found that having someone in your business without an agenda and with a different view and a wide experience can be enlightening 


It can be called a mentor or consultant


I have someone that I meet pretty regularly, he works with businesses that are in the growth phase of life and beyond. He runs Business Doctors and is on hand to keep me on a straight path towards my business objective which I do tend to deviate from! Sometimes I think I was born with Magpie tendencies, any shiny object or, in my case, a business theory, or someone’s ideas can cause me to lose focus.


So for these reasons I use a mentor or consultant, and have found when I am working with training providers I do the same. I bring an objective view of things and can also show how the provision can impact the learners, employers, and staff if needed.


So keep your minds open when looking at validating your training provision, you may find it worth it!

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