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Whether you are looking to get ‘inspection ready’ now or put in place ‘continual improvement’ to meet future inspections, we offer a focused, highly effective three-stage programme that gets results fast.

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Step 1 - The foundation

The first step available with all packages

A half day of training for your staff to understand the importance and benefits of the programme and how it will work

WHY? It is very important that every member of your staff know the importance of the programme, the benefits to the company, their learners, their employers and to themselves.

The programme should be celebrated, that an independent company will not only come in and identify all of the brilliant things that are happening in your company, but can also identify challenges and advise how to solve these.

Step 2 - Planning and research

Agree the questions to be asked so that we know that the EIF will be covered, and the training provider’s known issues are covered.

Communication is sent to all learners and employers celebrating the up-and-coming programme

We take a random sample of 50 people including learners, employers and staff members

The training provider communicates with the chosen sample

Nu-Gnu sends a communication to the sample people and directs them to our website to book a 20 min conversation

This is recorded and a communication plan is shared with the training provider.

Step 3 - Analysis, recommendation and implementation

From analysis of the answers in the research phase, a report is compiled that shows the impact, the implications of the findings and improvements that are needed. This is part of the shared, real time information on the encrypted platform. These findings cover the implementation of the training provision and the intent of the business.

An action plan is compiled to guide all required tasks for implementation.

Your choice of programme delivery

Three options for delivery of this programme are provided to ensure flexibility to meet each training providers budget and resource requirements

  • Added Value

    Nu-Gnu supports the training provider to conduct the research to identify issues with the training programmes.

  • Premium

    Nu-Gnu drives the research and identifies improvements.

  • Consultancy

    A Nu-Gnu consultant spends two hours each day for the length of the inquiry to support the internal team leader to conduct an internal inquiry and to write the report and action plan.

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We are facing challenging times and income has been reduced. How can we afford this service?
There is a huge cost to not knowing that your intent and implementation creates a positive impact for your learners, employers and staff. A poor judgement may lead to stalling your new learner intake, which will have severe consequences for your economic stability.
Will staff think we are checking up on them and will this affect their motivation?
We are looking at the performance of all members of staff that have an impact on the learners and employers. We are a critical friend. We discuss the upcoming investigation and ensure that everybody is on-board and understands the need and the nature of the investigation. Please remember it is better for your company to let us identify your issues and drive improvements than an OFSTED inspector who will only judge.
Do we realistically have the time and resources to perform an investigation into our processes?
We can take the whole process out of your hands, you will only need one member of staff to check the reports, to discuss the themes and issues emerging. According to the package, we can then lead and drive these improvements.